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Beginning of a master's degree in physiotherapy

I discovered Hexplorations as part of my master's degree in physiotherapy with an entrepreneurial profile at ULaval. With their invaluable help, they allowed me to use the software's document function to scan crucial forms in the practice of physiotherapy.

Its questionnaires make it possible to objectify the evolution of the condition perceived by the patient through several functional activities specific to the affected part of the body. I believe that its tools are currently underutilized in the clinic and deserve their place as part of a client-centered approach, primarily for clients with acute and chronic disease.

The purpose of this tool is to validate the impact of physiotherapy interventions, to motivate patients to monitor their progress using quantitative data and to facilitate communication between health professionals, without taking valuable clinical time. . Thanks to Hexploraitons, patients can complete the questionnaire in a few clicks and the results recorded are immediately accessible to the therapist in the digital patient file.

I am currently in clinical implementation. Thank you very much, Hexfit!

Anne-Marie Boulanger Martel