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UQAC begins an innovative research project with the help of Hexfit's technological aid

It is with great enthusiasm that Hexfit announces its partnership with researchers of the Université du Québec à
Chicoutimi (UQAC).

In fact, it was for this project that Hexfit developed an innovative interprofessional client tracking software for health and physical activity professionals. The first phase of the project consists of assessing the impact of using ambulatory measures (FitBit) on behaviours associated with healthy lifestyle habits and physical fitness in sedentary adults.


Several factors associated with healthy lifestyle habits will be measured: biological (markers associated with being overweight), psychological (self-determination, motivation/passion for exercise, stress, self-esteem, and body image) and physiological (physical fitness, circadian heart rate, and sleep).


The project will also evaluate whether the combination of a FitBit watch and counseling sessions (with a kinesiologist and nutritionist) will have an added impact on the factors described above. Thanks to the unique collaboration between UQAC and Hexfit, the researchers of this project will be able to automate their data gathering and benefit from a platform specialized in the collection and analysis of physical data.


The entirety of the technological aid provided by Hexplorations, Hexfit's initiative, is available to researchers of all universities.


Our desire is to integrate the results of these research projects in Hexfit's application in order to offer cutting edge functions to health and physical activity professionals.


The researchers of this project are:

  • Tommy Chevrette, Ph D, professor of Kinesiology (UQAC), lead researcher
  • Patricia Blackburn, Ph D,  professor of Kinesiology (UQAC)
  • Daniel Lalande, Ph D,  professor of Psychology (UQAC)
  • Jacques Plouffe, Ph D,  professor of Kinesiology (UQAC)
  • Claudie Émond, Ph D,  professor of Psychology (UQAC)
  • Étienne Dubois, Hexfit

About Hexfit

Hexfit is an interprofessional client tracking software in the health and physical activity domain. It allows for the centralisation of files between many professionals, whether they are in the same business or not, thereby, improving the achievement of the population's objectives. 


About the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

The Université du Québec à Chicoutimi is a french university situated in the heart of Chicoutimi, a borough in the city of Saguenay, in the province of Quebec, Canada. It is also affiliated with the Université du Québec